Christmas House Safaris is a quality provider of excursions and safaris in Rovaniemi and across Finnish Lapland in general. Experience with us the unique nature of Lapland and the true Finnish winter. Visit with us the Ranua Zoo, Korouma Canion and view the magnificent Northern Lights with our Aurora safaris.

Magical Piiru Forest Resort with our own husky and reindeer farm
In our Piiru Forest Resort, located only a 15 min drive from Santa Claus Village (Arctic Circle) and Rovaniemi city center, you can take a husky dog excursion on our husky dog farm or experience a reindeer safari on our reindeer farm, where you can also feed the reindeer. We also organize interesting cross-country skiing and snowshoeing excursions in the unique nature of Lapland, Finland. With our safari company you will have in Rovaniemi a Northern Lights safari, reindeer excursion or husky dog safari of your life!

Groups and incentive – feel the magic of Lapland
In our Piiru Resort, including a reindeer and husky farm, we guarantee your group receives a unforgettable first-class experience of Lapland.

Villa Lehtoniemi – quality holiday home in Rovaniemi’s countryside
Villa Lehtoniemi is our new luxurious holiday home in Rovaniemi’s countryside. Read more HERE this unique wooden house.

Welcome to Rovaniemi!

Our Husky Farm

We have our own farm with huskies in Piiru Forest Resort in Rovaniemi, located only a 15 min drive from Rovaniemi center and from Santa Claus Village. We offer unforgettable husky dog rides and safaris in this resort.

Our reindeer farm

Our Piiru Resort reindeer farm is situated only 15 km from Santa Claus Village and Center of Rovaniemi Unforgettable reindeer rides and safaris are organized in this place located on the bank of a beautiful Finnish lake.

Aurora Safaris and Tours

Northern Lights are the nature’s true fireworks display. On our aurora safaris, we will travel into the pure nature of Lapland, and if we are lucky the highlight of our tour will be the Northern Lights.